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  • 04 Mar

    Identifying Early Learning in the Daily Lives of Children: Airport Observations

    By Diane Spahn, Kodo Education Specialist If, in the theater, “all the world’s a stage…”, then it stands to reason that in education, “all the world’s a classroom.” For me this rings true as I travel about the country training and consulting with early childhood educators, but for less obvious reasons than one might think. […]

  • 18 Feb

    Snow Paintings: STEM Activities for Kids

    If you’re living in the United States, you are likely very aware that the middle of our country very recently got blanketed by lots and lots of snow! To be precise, 14” fell here at our office in Broomfield, Colorado just the other week. While some may see the snow as a barrier, we see […]

  • 05 Feb

    66 Essential STEM Preschool Books to Read This Year

    Including books in every day play is beneficial for both the associated literary skills and as a supplemental resource to many important teaching topics. At Kodo, we use books to help reinforce ideas about construction and engineering, wind science, systems thinking, physics, light and shadow play, sand and water sensory play, grinding tools, and studio art! When used in tandem, STEM […]

  • 25 Jan

    Failing as a Road to Success : A Kodo Philosophy of Education

    Click to download a printable PDF “Failure” – it’s the forbidden word that’s been shunned by many educators, parents, and child care providers alike. No one wants to see their children fail, of course. It is our love and concern for our children that cause us to enable their successes when they are headed on […]

  • 15 Jan

    20 Conversation Starting Early Childhood Conferences of 2016

    Each year, its important to take time to step out of the classroom and join forces with similar minds. Not only does it give us a chance to see outside the box of our normal teaching, learning, and creating routines, but we also get a broader scope of vision for the community working toward the same goal of improving education […]

  • 16 Dec

    Merry Magnet Wall Investigation

      2015 was an exciting year for us at Kodo – our team grew, our space expanded, and new products were being added all the time! None of it would have been possible without you, and we’d like to take a moment to express our gratitude for your invaluable efforts towards providing the best early […]

  • 15 Dec

    NAEYC Conference 2015 – Stories from the Trade Show Floor

    Just a few weeks ago, we were fortunate enough to attend the NAEYC Conference (National Association for the Education of Young Children) in Orlando, Florida. The theme of the event was “There is Power in this Profession” – and the truth of that was evident in the spirit of the attendees, presenters, and exhibitors alike. […]

  • 19 Oct

    Inquiry Approach to Teaching : Introducing Constraints

    Colette, age 4+ yrs., has a vivid imagination and routinely creates complex block structures, intricate drawings, and has a knack for detailed storytelling. She’ll often use the contents of an entire shelf when constructing one of her ideas. When she was presented with a small bag of Building Sticks, it was natural that she raised […]

  • 29 Sep

    Uncovering Learning Through Unstructured Play

    At Kodo we’re big fans of plenty of time for unstructured play, due to the many benefits for both children and teachers. It occurs daily in most, if not all, preschool programs here in the US. You might know it as, Free Choice Time, Free Play, or Children’s Choice, to name a few ways ECE educators designate […]

  • 18 Sep

    Where does food come from? An Investigation Inspiration

    Last week on the Kodo Blog we discussed the question ‘where does food come from?’ with children in mind. When the family needs food, a trip to the supermarket is planned. It’s natural for a child to assume that that’s where apples and oranges are made! In response, we encouraged learning about seeds, farms, and other production […]