Going to the 0-3 conference?

If so, Kodo is selling our booth displays for the 0-3 show. Reserve yours ahead of time- they sell quickly! The below materials are available for purchase at a 20% discount (and no shipping!), but must be picked up at the show. If you are interested in any of these unique infant/toddler items, call us at 1.844.563.6543 to reserve them today.

Make sure to stop by and say hi! We look forward to seeing you in sunny Florida!

Rainbow Pegboard
Blue Wool Stack
Gem Spinner
Korxx Building Rounds
Fabric Bowls
Marbled Rainbow Balls
Melody Balls
Nested Wool Bowls
Nursery Rhyme Blocks
Experimental Seesaw
Puzzle Keys
Sensory Upper Case Letters
Sensory Stacker (single)
Spiral Wool Balls
Stackable Bowls and Plates Set
Toddler Ramp Set
Wool Balls Color Sorting Set
Wool Playscape Mats Set
Gemstone Matching Tiles
Animal Habitat Matching Tiles

Call our customer service team at 844.564.6543 to pre-order!

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