Our Team

We are a team of driven individuals motivated to make a difference in our lives and those who we affect with our educational products for children and our interactions. Through the collaboration of all our people, we drive a company, which obsessively reaches to change the future. Together we create awe-inspiring opportunities for children, teachers and parents to learn, educate and understand the basis of education and the foundation of knowledge.

We are here at Kodo because we love what we are building. We are driven by passion in our individual ways and bring that drive together to make significant impact in the work we perform. We work and enjoy life because we have found a company which appreciates and supports the time and effort we provide. We are driven, positive, forward looking individuals who work together to make an impact on children, schools, and education in addition to each other. Multiple voices, ideas, perspectives and experiences bring profound insight, while individual decisions get work done. With teams comes knowledge, diversity, and open dialog, but also herds of lemmings, well beaten cattle trails and watered down brilliance. Individual choice, voice and opinion brings character, crispness and passion. We believe in teamwork, team-voice and team-insight, but we believe in the individual to make the impact. We strive to make meaning in the world and broaden ourselves in the process.

We all work hard and efficiently to make the most out of the time we have. We believe in families and having the time to take part in them. We are dedicated to our work at the office and at home and do what we must to make the impact needed for success. We are opportunists, realists and outwardly positive. We believe in our skills, our purpose and our ability to succeed. We are powerful individuals who have come together to make something more.

We are Kodo.