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  • 20 May

    Enhancing Block Play

    The unit block has been a staple material in American kindergarten and preschool classrooms for well over one hundred years.  In fact, educators from as early as the late 1700’s suggested that play with blocks was valuable for children to experience gravity, geometry, and physics. Today’s teachers know that block play also yields opportunities for […]

  • 13 May

    Kodo + Teaching Strategies

    Like chocolate and peanut butter, some pairings are undeniably wonderful. We are so pleased to announce that Kodo and Teaching Strategies® have partnered together! Our teams have collaborated to create unique packages of high-quality materials to support high-quality instruction. Over the years, Kodo has become the leader in innovative products in the early education field. […]

  • 11 Mar

    Tips and Tricks to Reset Math

    Maintaining interest and engagement in the math area can be challenging. But we want to help! Let’s take a quick look at how to re-set your Math area!

  • 14 Jan

    Ramp Investigations – More Than Just a Book

    Are you interested in our Investigation Books but not sure what it's about? Do you have an investigation book from Kodo but not really sure how to get started? Read on.....

  • 07 Jan

    Story Driven Block Play with the Kodo Playscape Platforms

    Imaginative social play occurs in many places within the classroom. We love to encourage social play everywhere both indoors and out!

  • 10 Dec

    One of My Favorite Things About Being an Educator

    By Kasey Kile, Director of Professional Development I attended my first National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) in 2004. My first year attending, I was able to go with a group of college friends that all had different aspirations of how we would pursue our career. I will never forget walking into […]

  • 07 Nov

    Mother Nature’s Most Interesting Forces

    Read along as we explore Kodo's Wind Tunnel. Customer submitted their ideas, and we connect the learning to the standards.

  • 21 Oct

    NAEYC Floor Models

    2019 NAEYC floor model list for purchase- 20% off

  • 02 Oct

    Constructing with Color- What You Need to Know About the Light Laboratory

    At Kodo, everything starts with "WHY?" If there's not a good "WHY", then we don't do it. Period. Chris Hume, Founder of Kodo and Inventor of the Light Lab, tells us the WHY behind the Light Laboratory...

  • 18 Sep

    Going to the 0-3 conference?

    Going to the 0-3 show in October? Do you like discounts on product? If so, here's the opportunity to purchase our booth display for 20% off!