My favorite thing about ramp play is the diversity. The kids are always coming up with new ideas and functions for the materials and really have to use problem solving logic to create. I love seeing kids work together, figuring out how to raise a ramp a bit higher, make the ball roll a bit faster, or problem solve why the ball missed its target. It’s just fun!

Jean Bigham, Teacher, Discovery Point Preschool

I loved the Kodo Kids trainings on STEM! I learned to think about STEM as a way of thinking and encouraging problem solving in the children I work with. We had a wonderful trainer, full of thought provoking anecdotes that really got me thinking. Her style was approachable and engaging. Everyone in my organization is buzzing about these trainings and left feeling inspired to teach STEM!

Kimberly Thai, Regional Education Coordinator, Bright Horizons

It is energizing to speak with people who love what they do, especially when it involves authentic education of young children. The Kodo Kids materials have provided great learning experiences in early childhood; I used them all the time in my role as nature specialist and hope to bring the sort of open-ended, experiential learning to BJBE ECC as its director. I am mindful to staying within budget although hope in time to install Kodo Kids materials throughout the center. Whether it be the light lab, or the myriad of ramps, pathways and accessories, the opportunities for learning, exploring and having fun abound!

Suzie Wexler, Early Childhood Center Director

Why We Love Kodos: The Fullerton School District Child Development Services Department is a Reggio inspired constructivist program which encompasses preschool, after school, parent education, Atelier’s and STEAM Lab. The materials we purchase from Kodo’s Kids has allowed all of our children and youth to dig deeper into concept development with greater engagement and intentionality. Inquiry-based learning at its best as products support all developmental domains.

Marilee Cosgrove, Director Child Development Services, The Fullerton School District

The day after receiving the rubber ramps, we brought them out to the playground. While all the children were enthralled, one boy was especially engrossed. That afternoon the teacher walked with the boy to greet his mother and said,”Why don’t you tell your mom about what you were playing with today?” This led to the longest, most meaningful conversation the teacher ever had with his mother. Thank you Kodo for thinking outside the box! It’s not just amazing materials you are creating, but it’s through these materials that relationships are built!

Rebecca Wilson, Early Learning Initiatives Manager, Early Childhood Partnership of Adams County