We are gearing up for the annual NAEYC conference in Nashville, TN Nov 18-22. Be sure to stop by booth #1021 so you can explore our hands-on investigative tools and be the first to see new products

We are pre-selling our show floor models at a 20% discount! Buyers must pick up their item(s) Friday afternoon between 4 and 6 pm. Don’t hesitate, as items sell quickly and are of limited quantity!

You must call 1-844-563-6543 to purchase your floor models.

Mobile Magnet Wall 

Chutes and Tubes Pack

Maker Magnets

Magnet Wall Gears

Pony Construction Set

Wheel and Axle Kit

Light Lab – full package

Rainbow Pegboards for Light lab


Playscape Platforms

Arc Planks 

Korxx – Big Building Blocks Set

Korxx -Building Rounds Color Set

Korxx Brickles – natural

Korxx Brickles – color

Creekside Story Props

Wool People Story Props

Wool Farm Animals Story Props

Small & Large Wooden Cars

Deluxe Discovery Ramp Set

Tubes Set

Wind Tunnel w/ Fan

Mobile Science and Sensory Lab

Toddler Funnel Stand

Jurassic Sifter Scoops

Investigation Books: Ramps, Outdoor Ramps Rubber Ramps, Wind Tunnel or Magnet Wall

Rubber Ramp with Stackers

Swiss Ramp Stands

Toddler Ramp Set 

Spiral Wool Balls

Nested Wool Bowls

Melody Balls

Blue Wool Stack

Tunnel Set

Cloth Tails

Activity Tray

Table Towers


Felted Wool Oakleaf House

Felted Wool Strawberry House

Wool Mouse Family Story Props

Wood Stacking Trunks

Wood Stacking Disks

Pebble Animals

Sand Tray

Light Panel for Sand Tray

Sand Writer

Sand Pencils

Sand Rollers – patterns set

Gemstone Matching Tiles

Animal Clothing Matching Tiles

Animal Habitats Matching Tiles

Stackable Pans

Mirrored Shape Set

Kinetic sand

Gosling Square Blocks

Dusyma Zoo Animals

Marble Rubber Ramp x 2

Wooden Pebbles

Wool Acorns

Two Tone Counting Stones

Calming Stones

Sorting tray Set

Wooden tray set

Gem Blocks

Rainbow Pegboard

Other new items will be at the show, so make sure to stop by and check them out!